Gorilla (gorillashaman) wrote in vhdl_forum,

VHDL for C++ programmers

I'm still trying to sort some things out in the VHDL paradigm.

Near as I can figure, a VHDL "entity" is like a C++ object prototype, a VHDL "architecture" is like a C++ object definition.

How do I instantiate something? In C++ I'd "new" an object, but I don't see a VHDL equivalent. In practice the synthesizer seems to be creating an instance of whatever object I define last. How do I instantiate more than one thing? (i.e. if I want two seperate and disjoint things to occupy the same physical device)

I'm also having trouble with packages. I'd like to put several components into a single package and "use" that, but whenever I try to do this with more than one component per package, it doesn't work. Are there any complex examples online I can look at?
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